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  • Jan

    Web developer and graduate student from Cologne, Germany. Computer freak since 1982, in love with web technologies since 2002. His studies in Media and Computer Science at Cologne University of Applied Sciences broadened his mind and set his view on managing projects and applying digital media in the real world. He's always on the road with his cell phone using it 24 hours a day. In private, he's an ambitious artist, winter sports fan, a happy Mac user and loves to enjoy sunshine at the river Rhine. Read more about Jan on his private homepage.

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  • Paul

    Although Paul fell in love with programming at an early age, he set out on the quest to untangle the ultimate code - NL (natural language) - in the forms of literature and philosophy. He's highly versed in deconstructing anything from Shakespeare to Heidegger. Nevertheless, Paul always maintained a strong interest in web technology and mathematics. We're excited he has now decided to make Rails his fulltime project and to head our Ruby poetry department.

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  • Jakob

    Jakob is the interface guy, who enjoys closely examining everything that happens between the user and the web app. Be it conceptual interface & interaction design, practical frontend web development, or analysis of ways to improve conversion and user experience. He earned a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan (USA) in 2009 and has been very involved in all things web, open source and usability ever since starting to work at a local village internet agency in 2001.

  • Liane

    Everything involving design and typography has been Liane's passion since the mid-90's. She studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf.
    Before she got addicted to UI Design and Information Visualization, she worked as a editorial and corporate designer for several design studios and magazines.
    Liane's work is characterized by a powerful visual language based on reduction and consistency. She enjoys reading about the latest developments in design on countless blogs as well as in magazines and books.

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  • Marco

    Marco is passionate about all things web & information technology. That's why he's actually doing a Masters in computer science with an emphasis on business information systems. After some time of concentrating on business subjects, he fell in love with programming again when he discovered Ruby and Rails in 2010. He loves gadgets from the Apple universe and lives in Cologne with wife and child. Even though he's a metal head, he's actually quite a nice guy... who's totally addicted to M&M's.

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  • Stephan

    Stephan has been in love with the web since 2000, when he took his first steps with Flash to spice up websites with some serious interactivity. His study in media technology (Medieninformatik) did not only earn him a Master of Science, but also introduced him to the lovely world of Ruby on Rails. He loves to challenge common interaction solutions and to optimise them if need be. Besides that, he is into all kinds of sports like football, tennis, climbing and running.

Jan Kus
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