Hi, we're Railslove.

We're a team developing products for the web.

Web apps are more than our daily business. We closely accompany our clients throughout the process of turning an initial idea into a product ready to launch - and beyond. We understand the users’ demands and desires, so we develop products accordingly, resulting in more than just a piece of software. These products are created with love, passion and Ruby on Rails.
How we roll.
  • We build products, not software

    We’re more concerned about building products than about the codes we write. The way we see and do it, software development is just one aspect of our job: In cooperation with our clients we turn ideas into new products, refine them, design them and put them on the market. Only when our products come to life and engage a user base we have reached our initial goal and laid the foundation for successful further development.

  • We love to explore

    Our favorite challenge is treading new paths. We feel at home handling projects with clear goals that seem hard to reach or lie in uncharted territory. We practice agile and iterative development, we don’t adhere to outdated plans and we are always ready to leave our comfort zone. This enables us to easily deal with the unknown and the unexpected.

  • We shape companies

    Following our motto of building products rather than software, we are more of a partner to our customers than a mere service provider. Our effort exceeds the limits of technical and creative activity. We’ve been working with startups for many years and assisted in building numerous companies, introduced product development processes and have built and trained development teams. Because after all, we’re entrepreneurs who engage in our clients projects as if they were our own.

  • We're partners, not contractors

    Cultivating a partner-like client relationship is essential to us. This includes an honest exchange of opinions and criticism as well as full transparency regarding planning, expenses and results. We don’t calculate projects with hidden budget buffers or aim to have clients become dependent on us, but strive for a trustful relationship and let the quality of our work speak for itself.

  • We're versatile

    You want us to work at your location or as a remote team distributed across the globe? We’re more than ready to go on a journey with you and know how to work in international teams spread throughout different time zones. You use Scrum, Kanban or @process? No problem, we’re flexible and can adjust. Your field of industry is new to us? Even better. We love exploring new territories!

  • We love letting go

    While we are happy to have long-term customer relationships, we also want our client’s products to grow with them, so their team and product can become self-supporting. Once a project is grown up, we love letting it go. Not because we grow tired with it but because we’re working towards making products sustainable. Once we’ve successfully enabled a company to independently advance their product, we are looking forward to tackling new challenges.