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Bye Bye Password problems

I use 364 passwords on 364 different webservices. In the unlikely case that I do remember my password for 'webservice x' I have one problem while using my smartphone or tablet: Typing it. The “ideal password” consists of a minimum of 15 characters, includes symbols, numbers, lowercase, uppercase and ambiguous characters. I don’t know how many times I mistype, delete, retype it before I click “Login” just to see “Wrong password. Type again!”? Seems familiar?

And not to forget: With more personal and sensitive information being stored in online accounts these days, protecting the integrity of your online identity is crucial. And passwords are not foolproof.

There are good ideas out there

We came across some really good ideas how to solve this bad experience and make it a good one. There’s quite a few nice concepts around the future of passwords.

One of the basic ideas in this area is that instead of using a password to authenticate, a temporary LoginLink is sent to your e-mail-address. It’s almost as if the backend server makes up a temporary, one-use password each time a user wants to log in.

We really liked this one for mobile use: Little Big Details. But it is also really handy if you use a webservice on a different computer then you own, where you don't have your 1Password or iCloud Keychain with you.

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Our Solution:
The Instant-Login Button

Let us introduce to you our idea of "The Instant-Login Button". This could be a standard button just like e.g. "Login with Facebook" or "Login with Github".

After clicking or tapping the button you'll be asked for an email address, where your new, instant-login link will be sent to. This link will instantly and magically log you in! And don't worry, the link safely expires after a successful login.

How does it work?
The Button

Click the button. Enter your email-address and send it.

Check your email

Now you received an email with a link that let's you login. The link only works once and you can be sure it's as secure as entering a password.

You are logged in

Magic. Isn't it? :)


We don't save your email address and won't email you for any reason. We hate spam too.

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Try it
We want to make it as easy as possible for you to improve the Login experience for your users.
Do you want to implement the button to your app? Here's the code to our button and all the icons that you need:

See the Pen Instant Login Button by Stephan Pavlovic (@stephanpavlovic) on CodePen.

If you used our button or have any questions, please let us know!

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