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JavaScript is ready to power your app in production.

JavaScript has evolved from being the weird little language in our browsers we used to frown upon to the ubiquitous lingua franca of the web. JavaScript is on the rise and is playing center stage in an increasing number of apps.

We've built many JavaScript Apps over the years and seen all the different ways it can be used and integrated. Starting with progressive enhancement in traditional web apps rendered on the server, continuing with the maturation of Single-Page Applications (SPAs), all the way to hybrid mobile apps (using Cordova/Phonegap) and React Native Apps.

Let us help you with our JavaScript expertise to find and build the ideal JavaScript solution for your app!

Single Page Applications can use caching and local storage effectively

Single-Page Applications load a single HTML file whose JavaScript code then orchestrates fluid web interfaces that feel like desktop apps. Thanks to Ajax, HTML5 technologies, and modern JavaScript engines, SPAs offer a highly interactive and dynamic experience. Proven solutions like React and Ember enforce coding standards, jQuery spaghetti code is a thing of the past.

Local storage and data handling keep JavaScript Applications functional even during times where the connection to the servers is interrupted to optimize the User Experience while preventing data loss.

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