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React is a library of tools initially released in 2013 which is actively maintained by Facebook. It has taken the developer community by storm and quickly built up a thriving ecosystem. Its main advantage over frameworks like Ember are its greater flexibility and speed. With its well-thought-out principles it allows faster development with less code and fair maintainability. This means quicker changes and easier bug fixing.

We use React for blazing fast prototypes and complex applications.


Ember is the JavaScript framework that is a good fit for ambitious web applications and marketed as “an SDK for the web”. Unlike some other JS frameworks, it has been around for multiple years and puts a special focus on stability and easy upgrade paths. It is also a very complete framework that is quite opinionated about tooling (“convention over configuration”), so that a team can get started with your JavaScript app very quickly.


React Native is a pretty awesome tool to target multi platform mobile devices. The main advantage is that a web development team can use the same technologies and paradigms to target a variety of different platforms (iOS, Android, web, windows mobile). So you don’t need specialized developers for every platform. We were very early adopters of React Native and you can read our making-of blog post to learn about our experiences.

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