Mobile App Development

We’re experts for mobile applications and design and develop both native an web-based apps for our clients.

More and more people are browsing the web with their smartphones or tablets. We noticed the trend early, adjusted our workflows accordingly and develop highly responsive and mobile-ready apps tailored to our customers’ needs ever since.

This includes making the customers’ brands visible and usable through the popular app stores as well as mobile sites. Our responsive solutions account for devices with differing screens sizes and turn your app into a flawless product.

We love hybrid web apps

Hybrid web apps can be deployed to any of the popular app stores while sharing a common codebase. Instead of having to write code specific to iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, we are able to take advantage of modern web technologies to write it once, and run it anywhere.

While making development faster and easier, this approach makes no difference to the user in the end — the resulting app works just as well as any fully native app.

Reaching all app stores and devices with one simultaneously developed HTML5 and Javascript codebase is awesome. But perhaps more importantly, this also applies to subsequent updates and bugfixes. Utilizing web technologies, we are able to continuously deploy and deliver features, respond to issues, and even do A/B testing without being slowed down by app store review cycles.

As developers and designers (and frequent users of mobile apps), we create successful, great mobile applications. As startup consultants, we understand the importance of putting your product into your customers' hands.

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