Modular and Scalable Web Frontends

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In our projects we repeatedly notice that it is easy to develop HTML layouts and stylesheets that work and make a page look a certain way. However, if projects are supposed to be maintained over years and JavaScript is a very significant part of the frontend, then it really pays off to establish modular conventions. Frontends can not be designed "page-by-page" anymore, but have to be designed and developed in a modular way. This way, you create frontends that truly scale.

Railslove has been engaged in the development of modular frontends for many years and we have constantly been sharing our experiences with the community: in our blog Jakob writes about concrete implementation guidelines, we exchanged ideas at conferences or organized our own workshops on the topic, for example during the Interactive Cologne Festival 2014.


Of course it is much easier to follow a modular frontend approach from the beginning of a project, as we have done for Makerist for example. But we also help companies to restructure their frontend and to integrate modular design into their development process.

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