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For nine years we have been developing products for the web - for startups, established web companies and big corporations.

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With ampido, car drivers can ditch the tedious search for parking spaces by reserving a private space in advance. Owners can profitably rent out their parking spaces while they don’t need them.

As the first part of out collaboration, we conceptualized, designed, built and validated the online booking process for mobile and desktop. It’s fantastic working together with a Cologne-based startups again and supporting them while growing and tackling new challenges.

ILPT (I Love Personal Training)

The ILPT app is a mobile fitness coach & tracker as part of the successfull fitness programms by Julian Zietlow from Berlin (e.g. Das 10 Wochenprogramm and Size Zero). The app targets both native platforms (iOS + Android) as well as the web - all powered by one codebase written with Ember.js and Cordova. The initial development was done by our friends 5apps and Next Market Labs, who we supported in their effort from 2015 to 2016. For example with the offline-first features (powered by remoteStorage) and the internationalization for additional markets.


Together with the great team from Skrill, one of the world's biggest online payment provider, we developed a number of new web products for private and corporate customers between the end of 2012 and the middle of 2014. We were involved in the development of the following projects: the new web frontend for Skrill's digital wallet for private customers, the new merchant portal for the management of credit card transactions, and a number of new integration solutions of credit card payment into web applications. Besides the technical implementation of their applications, we were also responsible for product desing & development, which allowed us to introduce our passtion for good products into the project.


Makerist is an online DIY school from Berlin, which was co-founded by Axel Heinz, who we had successfully worked with before, during the development Makerist is a classic startup kickstarting project, just how we like it: passionate founder with deep domain experience and a solid business model in a very dynamic market. Since the start of the project in the middle of 2013 the market has already grown immensely. From the beginning until 2016 we lead the technical development of the application. Today we are still supporting the inhouse developer team which we helpfed to establish.

The story about this project with many details and background information can be read in our makerist story.


BitPesa is a remittance product based on Bitcoin for the Kenyan market. It allows the Kenyan diaspora to transfer Bitcoin to their families in East Africa and integrates with local mobile money systems such as Safaricom's m-pesa. Our team has developed BitPesa's web applications.


SEPAone enables SEPA Direct Debit for Merchants and also manages SEPA mandates. As technology partner we've designed and implemented the complete SEPAone system.

Eurovision Song Contest 2013

In 2013 the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Malmö and this was the first time an official mobile app was offered to all music fans around the globe. During the events it could be used as second screen to get more information about the artists, songs and also to vote for an performance.

As software architects we designed and implemented a backend service, which handled the client authentication for the voting backend. Because of the limited time window people need to place their votes in, a major part of our work was to design and implement a fast and reliable infrastructure that works well with high peak loads.

The platform for private accommodation rentals founded by Stephan Uhrenbacher has been designed and developed by Railslove from the very beginning. We led the development team for the first years until an inhouse team was established and the project was able to stand on its own feet from the summer of 2012 on.


HackFwd was a German pre-seed investment company initiated by Lars Hinrichs. The co-developed Phase 2 Generator served as an online application tool for new startups.


With our friends at Payango, a company that offers services and products around VISA prepard credit cards, we've been developing quite a few applications and underlying infrastructure. A powerful workflow-driven web service system serves as the foundation for multiple white label shop applications and handles the complete purchase and issuing process for new customers.


DailyDeal is a local deal company for the German market. At the time Google acquired the startup company we trained their developers for various Ruby on Rails topics.

Splink App Deutsches Sportabzeichen

In 2013 the German Sports Badge (German: Deutsche Sportabzeichen) celebrated its 100 years anniversary – and we've released its brand new online app. In cooperation with the German Olympic Sports Confederation (German: Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund) we've designed and developed the Splink App Deutsches Sportabzeichen as a place to find other sports enthusiasts, meet for trainings and track training performances.

Check out how athlectic our own team is: This is Railslove getting the German Sports Badge.

Avocado Store

Avocado Store is a growing online marketplace for sustainable products from Hamburg, in 2010 it was granted as German Start-Up of the Year. From May 2011 to August 2013 we were responsible for the development and operation of Avodado Store, along the way we developed a white label solution.

On film fans can exchange news, trailers and facts from new films long before they hit theaters. In summer of 2011 we worked on an interaction concept for a relaunch of the application together with our friends from 9elements, following by the re-development on the basis of Backbone.js and Chaplin.